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Ephemeral Disguise

A mask can be a disguising object to one, an armor for some, yet to others it might be the ethereal embellishment of the body and soul.
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Extravagant Singularity

This collection is the first of the brand, it’s a juxtaposition of what was happening on that time period on the founder’s life, her love for Gustav Klimt, for baroque, and lace come together into the mix with the hipster and instagram movement during 2012.
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La Adelita

From Housewife To Soldadera –
These outfits were created for LA ADELITA Editorial, inspired in the Mexican Revolution during the 1920’s.
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Enchanted Rebel

Enchanted Rebel tells a story of the transition of a Mexican housewife to a soldier, through the enchanted world of jewelry and lace.
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